Why 25?

That's a great question.


Let's start with a little history. A division of MacMan, Inc., "studio 25 creations" focuses on handcrafting various collectibles and customizing Apple products. Julie, an I, Michael, founded MacMan in 1993. At the beginning, our primary focus was the sales and service of Mac computers, but things have changed over the years. In 2008, we added digital signage to our expertise, last year we added atmosphere-healthcare and now, in 2018, there's "one more thing." Sound familiar? Our daughter Tianna has combined her talent for the arts and her knowledge of computers in order to create a special kind of studio here at MacMan.


Now, why 25? The beginning of 2018 was the start of our 25th year of business, and Tianna is 25 years old. So when Julie came up with the name, it just made sense.


We use multiple tools to craft in the studio, but the tool most closely to connected to our passion for technology is our laser engraver. We use it to engrave artwork onto many materials as well as iPads, iPhones and Mac Laptops, but also to cut raw materials to craft new products. 

Over the years, Julie, Tianna and I have met many talented people, some of which make awesome treasures of their own. Take Gus for example, we feature his handcrafted one of a kind pens. You will find handcrafted creations from us, both in our retail store and online on our Etsy shop. We can't wait to share them with you.  

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